I can’t wait to see the documentary film on how Sunoco Logistics saved Marcus Hook. The story has dragged out over the past 10 years in small bits and pieces but a 2 hour documentary will bring it all together to show just how big business, politics, and energy work together in America.

Sunoco Logistics is making it happen ‘By Any Means Necessary.’

Once they got the first green light, they started retrofitting the old oil refinery with millions of dollars of new stuff to process the waste water from the west. There was no need to wait for all the approvals before they started spending. Somehow, they were going to get it done By Any Means Necessary.

I don’t know how all the back room deals work, but I was first amazed how they were granted utility status which allowed them to just snatch up land to run their pipeline. Every time they went to court for anything, they overwhelmed the process with the best lawyers, simply beating down the opposition with unrelenting legal presence.

Fast forward to last week when the pipeline dig destroyed the water coming to homes nearby. Without blinking an eye, Sunoco offered to either hook the homes to the public water supply or they’d cut a check for $24,000 – take it or leave it.

Many people have found a lot wrong with big pipelines with explosive liquids snaking through their communities but no one has found a way to even slow the process down.

Sunoco Logistic is in the ‘Build it and they will Come’ frame of mind. Marcus Hook is ready. All they’re waiting for is the waste water from the west to get this party started.

The opposition is putting up a good fight but I hate to see that they are so overmatched and don’t have a chance to stop a thing.

Someone call Ava DuVernay. We’ve got a documentary for her to film.