NBA players are signing contracts for humongous salaries and none of our four Chester  NBAers are getting a piece of it.

Reports allege that Derrick Jones earned a half million last year with the Phoenix Suns. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson is slated to earn a tad over $1.5 million this season for the Brooklyn Nets. Tyreke Evans just signed for a little over $3 million for the Memphis Grizzlies. And, Jameer Nelson will have to try to make due with about $4 plus million with the Denver Nuggets.

Derrick Jones will be fighting hard to stay on a roster this season. Rondae is nearing the end of his rookie contract and should get a nice raise next time he picks up the signing pen. Jameer is earning at the top of his pay scale for the years he’s survived in the league.   Tyreke’s recent signing indicates that his stock is falling fast. He’ll need a great year to get back into the graces of the NBA top brass if he expects to add a few zeros to his bank account beyond this season.

When you consider an employee at Kimberly Clark earning $53,000 will need his entire 30 year career to earn Rondae’s salary for 2017-18, put in the proper perspective, our Chester NBAers have done very well for themselves.

For the past 32 years I’ve waited by the phone on NBA draft night hoping I’d get a call to join a team. I may be a little past my prime, but I’m going to submit my number again next year just in case there’s a team that needs a veteran with a good attitude, very coachable, and great in the locker room.

I’m definitely their guy.