Anyone who isn’t at least slightly heartbroken over the murder of Bianca Roberson is someone I probably don’t want to know. Anyone who isn’t considering the race factor in this murder is someone who may be watching too much TV news.

I heard on TV this morning that the district attorney said there was “no indication that we’re aware of that this was a race crime or a hate crime.”

In college we had TV Bricks. They were red bricks made of Styrofoam that were designed to throw at the TV when something stupid came on. I was looking for my TV Brick this morning.

Hey Mr. District Attorney. Let me offer you the first indication this could be a race crime. He was white and she was black.

It appears to me that without even having a conversation with the killer, the DA is putting it out there that they’re not going to consider race and rage, and we shouldn’t consider it either.

Can’t the DA at least ask the guy his feelings toward black people before coming out with ‘no indication’ statements like they’re facts?

Here’s what would convince me race wasn’t a factor.

When they get to court, I want the DA to ask him…

  1. If the other driver was a pretty blonde, would you have shot her?
  2. If the other driver was a 70 year old wrinkled old white lady with gray hair, would you have shot her?
  3. If the other driver was a handsome young man like yourself, would you have shot him?

If he says no to those three questions, then ask…

If the other driver was a young black man wearing dreds and rockin a fitted, would you have shot him?

If he say no to that, then ask…

Then why did you shoot the young black lady?

Like the DA, I’m not convinced this is a race or hate crime either. But damn, don’t be so cavalier as to try to convince the world that there is ‘no indication’ race and hate was a factor without asking a few questions first.

I’ve got 4 daughters and they all drive like bats-outta-hell. I can’t stop thinking how it could have been one of them.

What’s your thoughts?