Back in 2010, Rev. William Rocky Brown III, the republican candidate for the state House of Representatives and chairman of the Law Enforcement Chaplains of Delaware County, launched a protest at Chester delis that were selling Four Loko, that highly caffeinated malt liquor like energy drink that was popular among young people and making them do crazy things.

Brown, a certified addictions counselor, claimed Four Loko and drinks like it are “fueling the violence that we see in this community” and said he would be leading the campaign to get Chong and other businesses owners in the city to take it off their shelves.

“But I am appalled that this type of business is so close to the high school and that kids are walking by the store every day and seeing these advertisements,

Brown was joined at the press conference by Nafis Nichols, senior program coordinator for the Chester Youth Collaborative, who also testified about the dangers of Four Loko.

Even Brown’s opponent, St. Rep Thaddeus Kirkland, stopped by the store and asked a few questions, but did not give any ultimatums or make any requests, other than to say, “Don’t sell to minors.”

However, St. Rep. Kirkland did have a lot to say when some of those same stores were selling tobacco paraphernalia that appeared to be a little suspect.

Remember this famous statement…

During the public comment portion of the meeting, State Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, D-159, of Chester said he had gone to his local corner store Wednesday morning to buy a copy of the Daily Times. When he asked the cashier if they had any papers, Kirkland said the cashier handed him a pack of cigarette rolling papers.

Kirkland later said he has seen illegal drug activity near this store and others in the city, as well as the sale of single cigarettes, colloquially called “loosies.”

Councilman Nafis Nichols said the city was powerless to enforce state laws pertaining to illegal tobacco sales, which only allows state officials to cite merchants who violate the laws. He added he has a draft of a previously considered ordinance that would enable city police officers to enforce those laws.

“I plan on introducing the ordinance at the next council meeting … ,” Nichols said. “The law right now doesn’t empower anyone in the city to enforce those laws. If the city adopts the ordinance, our police and health inspectors can enforce those laws by writing citations and eventually revoke business licenses.” said Nichols, who oversees the city’s finances

By passing this ordinance, he said, grant revenue would become available for education and enforcement, and further revenue could be collected through citations.

All those quotes were from HERE and HERE

This short walk down memory lane is only to demonstrate how short some people’s memory can be.

Regarding tobacco…

Not long after the smoking ordinance was put in place prohibiting folks from lighting up a Newport or a Rocky Patel in the park, a high ranking city official opened a cigar lounge in downtown Chester. Talk about irony. Rumor has it those same folks were looking to  open a Hookah Lounge downtown but I guess something changed their mind.

Regarding alcohol…

Strong rumor has it, city officials are lining up their ducks to open a liquor store in downtown Chester between 6th & 7th and Welsh – the former farmers market and most recently the Bar-B-Que Rib place.

Regarding the Big 3

Mayor Kirkland, CFO Nichols, and now close mayor associate Brown, among others, are killing me with their flip-flopping policy on tobacco and alcohol in Chester. It’s like all that stuff at the top of this post never happened.

I’m going to let all this sink in with you and wait to see if any of you care about any of this through your comments before I come back with some real opinion on these moves.

For now, I’m just stating the facts for your information as presented in the newspapers and from rumors coming out of city hall.