One day soon, home water filters will become mandatory. Remember, you heard it here first!

People have no problem making sure the air filter in the furnace is in good shape; all those filters in the car are checked (fuel, air, cabin); buy good filters for their coffee maker, but they can’t wrap their head around filtering their water at home.

If you don’t use a water filter, you become the water filter.

When you consider that most bottled water is nothing more than filtered tap water, why not filter your own tap water at home and save a ton of money and save the environment from all those plastic bottles?

During my May 2017 sabbatical, I started building a website and started writing “How to Buy a Water Filter – Everything you need to know to obtain clean, safe drinking water.” The website is almost done (but you can take a sneak peek now because I like you – DirtyWaterDude) and the book just made it to Amazon in book form ($9.99) and as a Kindle download ($2.99).

There may be a half dozen books on Amazon serving the same purpose of helping folks select the right water filter.

“How to Buy a Water Filter” is not a book to convince you to buy a filter which most of the other books try to do. I assume you already understand the importance of having a water filter. My book helps you learn to make the right selection when you are ready to buy a home water filter unit.

Water filters certified by NSF gives the consumer a rare instance where we can believe the claims made on the side of the box regarding contamination reduction. If you can make a purchase decision based on verified data, you should learn how to read the data. That’s the selling feature of my book.

Amazon lets you read a short sample of the beginning of the book but the good stuff is found in the later chapters.

Good ahead and splurge. Let go of that $2.99 and take an hour and read this great guide on how to buy a water filter.

Some folks just need a little help making the right decision. That’s who this book is for.

I’d appreciate if you Buy the book, Read the book, and leave a review on Amazon.

Thanks in Advance.