Kenny ‘Picasso’ Hunt’s Abstract Reality Art Gallery & Photography Studio first ‘Art Life’ event was held last night utilizing every square inch of both top and bottom floors of 510 Ave of the States with art, artists, clothes, jewelry, food, grog, and music.

Folks came through from Chester, Philly and beyond to show off their stuff and enjoy the festive spirit of freedom and expression.

I had been on the first floor and only heard what Kenny did to the upstairs. With the sound of jazz guitar wafting through the staircase as I climbed, nothing could have prepared me for the old timey saloon type atmosphere with lights, stage, bar, seating, art, and all of the original woodwork on the floors, walls, and ceiling.

If someone brought you to the top floor blindfolded, you’d think you got dropped into a juke joint from the south or a jazz club on Bourbon Street.

Downtown Chester has really become a swank and swinging place for live entertainment  with Hunt’s ‘Abstract Reality’; ‘Open Mike’s’ next door, ‘Soul Street Cafe,’ ‘MJ Freed Theater,’ and ‘Abstract Space’ across the street; and ‘Andre Cafe Acoustique’ around the corner. And, although private, the ‘Cigar Lounge’ on the same Ave of the States block is as classy as it gets.





Even the damn bathroom got a piano in it