Anything new coming to Chester is worthy of a celebration no matter how long it takes to get here.

After nearly 10 years of discussion, the Candlewood Suites Hotel in downtown Chester is officially a go. “We started in 2007 with the city (trying to make this happen),” Patel said.

I don’t know about you, but I wonder what took so long.

The hotel which will be located across the street from Chester City Hall near 4th and Welsh Streets, will be an 89 room all-suite hotel designed for the extended stay business traveler on short or long-term assignment with a tentative completion date of spring 2018.

The rooms are also ideal for vacationers who are seeking a spacious comfortable place to relax and unwind. Chester’s geographical location along the Delaware Riverfront makes the new hotel an optimal choice for persons seeking lodging while still being close in proximity to various parts of the Tri-State area.

All that is nice, but lets call it what it really is…an airport hotel. In 2008, the city’s first new hotel in 35 years opened up there near Widener University, and it didn’t take long for them to change their name to ‘Best Western Plus Philadelphia Airport South At Widener University’ because they learned pretty fast how to label themselves to keep their occupancy high. (I don’t know how they fit all that name on a business card, though).

Hopefully, with 10 years of planning, someone whispered in the owners ear that a nice banquet hall would be a win-win between the local community and himself. Or, we can wait for the new fire house to be built which is slated to include one. Can anybody confirm?

“We’re hoping to not only get the casino crowd and the soccer stadium, but also Chester is a historic community and we’re trying to focus on the history of Chester,” Kirkland said. “Right across the street is Ethel Waters Park, little further down is the marker where William Penn landed, we have the oldest courthouse in the county, Martin Luther King Jr. living in seminary.”

Okay, let’s not get carried away. The Ethel Waters Park and the William Penn sight is far from a tourist attraction. The park is a nice place to have an event but when nothing’s going on, nothing’s going on. And didn’t the William Penn marker get stolen by some crack head who sold it for scrap? We do have a cool old courthouse, but it’s not open to the public, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. seminary building is a real attraction but not a lot going on there if you were to just walk up on it. It’s time to start making our attractions more attractive.

“So, it’s also about recognizing the rich history in this community and encouraging folks to come and want to know more than the real Chester.”

I have no idea what that quote means.

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