Who is Lee Kaplan? If you know Bill Cosby, Jim Comey, and Jeff Sessions and don’t know Lee Kaplan, you should be ashamed of yourself.

All four men have been on trial in the past few weeks: Comey and Sessions for work related issues and Kaplan and Cosby for sex crimes.

The only thing the Comey/Sessions trials are doing is pissing off old ladies trying to watch their afternoon soap operas, but the ‘not made for TV’ Cosby/Kaplan trials can teach life lessons most people could benefit from.

Cosby’s is the case where grown people came together for romance that goes horribly wrong. I don’t think there’s any evidence that Cosby’s accusers were forced to be in his company (first base), but once there, it seems Cosby’s intentions was to get to home plate without touching all the bases in between. (Damn Bill, you know you can’t run from 2nd base to home plate by crossing the pitcher’s mound. You gotta get to third base first).

This Lee Kaplan case couldn’t be a better first story for ‘WTF News’ – (‘WTF News’ defined HERE).

Here’s a quick recap of Lee Kaplan – ‘WTF’

Lee Kaplan, of Feasterville, PA, became friends with a Amish family going through hard times and helped them out financially and spiritually. In return, they agreed to give him their daughter to marry. The problem is, the daughter was only 7. He started having sex with her when she was 12.

When she turned 14, she moved in with him along with her 13-year-old sister. Their 11-year-old sister visited occasionally and was having sex with Kaplan. The 10-year-old sister started staying in his bed and was having sex, too. Then, he started to abuse the 6-year-old sister.

He had a baby with the oldest sister when she turned 15 and took the 14-year-old sister as his wife while the 12-year-old sister moved in the house. A couple years later he had another baby with the oldest sister. Then he started having sex with the 8-year-old sister.

Buy this time, nine sisters and their mother were living with Kaplan and he abused them all until he was caught last June.

He almost didn’t get caught. A nosey neighbor saw a few of the girls playing in the yard and thought things didn’t look right and called in a tip to ChildLine, the state’s child abuse hotline, reporting sad-looking girls in blue dresses. When the county Children and Youth Services workers went to the house, Kaplan told them 5 girls lived there but when they came in, they counted 11.

If he had just showed them all the kids right away and didn’t lie and cover things up, they may have just walked away because the girls were not trying to escape and they were not going to tell on him.

Kaplan made six young sisters his wives, and sexually abused them for over 10 years, and was convicted last week in Bucks County Pennsylvania on all 17 child sexual-assault charges against him. He could be sentenced to life in jail.

Compared to Cosby

Bill Cosby appears to be a jerk of a guy to be left alone with. If he wasn’t the huge celebrity that he is, I doubt if his trial would be getting this huge attention.

Mr. Kaplan is the lowest of human scum and in any other circumstance would have been lucky to make it to trial except for the fact that the girl’s parents pimped their daughters out to him in exchange for some help with their financial problems. Everyone involved were going along like all was fine and dandy.

Generally, the media focuses on the most outlandish and spectacular story to feed the public. Somehow, they must have decided the appetite for 50-year-old men having anal sex with 7 year olds is even too much to put in the 24-hour news rotation. They’d rather focus on an old story of the nearly 80-year-old celebrity who gave ludes to women that agreed to be alone with him. Somehow, that’s the type of news they decided we really want to follow.

Don’t get me wrong, Cos is a low down dirty scoundrel who should have had his day in court many years ago. But this Kaplan bastard and those pimping parents were destroying the lives of innocent children for over 10 years and would have continued to get away with it if it wasn’t for a single nosey neighbor.

I’m personally troubled by the Kaplan story because it reminds me of one of my favorite TV shows – ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ on Netflix. I absolutely love the show and the character Titus Andromedon (Tituss Burgess) is my dude.

The star character, Kimmy Schmidt, moves to NYC and becomes roommates with Titus Andromedon (both shown in photo above) after she’s released from an underground bunker in Indiana with 3 other women where they were held for 15 years by a pastor. It’s hilarious watching her try to adjust to modern life but also troubling to know that I’m laughing at someone whose behavior is a result of being traumatized for years of being held hostage by a man while living in a hole in the ground. They never go into detail what Kimmy Schmidt experienced while in the bunker but I don’t know of any similar kidnapping case that has a wholesome ending.

Yet, back in real life, Lee Kaplan did a similar thing to eleven little girls for 10 years and unlike Kimmy Schmidt, those girls testified to what they endured.

As much as I love ‘Unbreakable,’ I haven’t finished watching season 1. Now that this Kaplan case is before me, I doubt if I ever will get to season 2.

What a way to kick off the first article of ‘WTF News.’ Where do we go from here?