What a stupid question coming from a Chester kid.

But, when you’re not from around here, combining the words ‘Water’ and ‘Ice’ would never get you to the point of understanding that it’s a little paper cone cup containing an irresistible mix of crushed ice, color, and flavor that you think you can do without until you come to your senses and realize you can’t do without it.

As a kid, May’s was the only game in town, I think. Their Water Ice trucks were more popular than Mister Softy and Good Humor combined. If their truck didn’t ring its way to your street, you knew you could catch them at the Memorial Park softball games.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kevin, Fran, and John (Hondo) May from my days as a youth athlete. All three were very good players I looked up to since they came along before me. John was one of my baseball coaches.

I know it’s been a struggle for them to keep the business alive, especially in the last 10 years, but through grit, perseverance, their competitive nature, and in respect to their parents who put it all together, they’ve found a way to keep the lights on.

Congratulations guys on 70 years in business in Chester. Who else can make that claim?

Love ya!