I get my news in this order: newspapers, podcasts, radio, and at a very distant 4th place, the TV.  Thanks to Mr. Trump, I can’t bear to watch TV news anymore and radio stations I used to check in on hardly get listened to because they try too hard to justify the Trump buffoonery.

I did lend an ear on day one of the Comey mess via the radio and thought I was listening to confessions of a lover’s spat.

(Insert adult movie music here…)

  • Trump invites me to dinner.
  • He asks everyone to leave so it becomes just the two of us.
  • He thought we had that thing…you know, that thing.
  • I didn’t want to say no outright and let him assume he’d have his way because I didn’t want to make things awkward.
  • Rubio wants to know why I didn’t flirt with Trump – show a little leg maybe? What harm would it do?
  • That women senator wants to know why I just didn’t say something.

Oh, but Comey couldn’t wait to run to the car and break out the spiral notebook and Mont Blanc and start scribbling little notes to remind himself of what was said just in case Trump calls again.

I can’t take it. I’m not much of a TV guy but I’d rather binge watch Scandal, the Americans, and House of Cards which follow similar story lines than watch a bunch of grown ass men who should be running this country waste our time and money on these day time dramas. It won’t be long before the hearings will be sponsored by Procter and Gamble.

Singer Chris Brown sums up the Trump-Comey romance quite nicely in his song ‘Loyal’…

When a rich nigga want you
And your nigga can’t do nothing for ya
These hoes ain’t loyal