As if a rock concert in Chester doesn’t sound strange enough, for the past 2 years Chester’s PPL Park/Talen Energy Park has been the sight of a huge rock concert called Rock Allegiance.

Former PPL Park big shot Nick Sakiewicz told me to my very ears that they were only booking multi-year events when I asked him what the future of Rock Allegiance was during the screening of ‘Sons of Ben-The Movie.’ He said the event was booked for 3 years and each year the event would add an additional day of concerts.

Nick seemed true to his word as the first Rock Allegiance in 2015 was a 1-day event, the 2016 version was a 2-event, and the 2017 event…(car tires screeching)…has moved to Camden.

So what happened?

Sadly, Nick is long gone and I don’t have anyone I know well enough to get the real scoop, but rumors are flying that the new Chester City Amusement Tax has driven the rockers across the river.

Y’all remember the amusement tax, right? If not, it goes something like this…

There will be a 5% tax on any amusement that imposes an admission price over 10 cents. However, this does not apply to ski resorts and golf courses in Chester where only 40% of the lift ticket or greens fees are assessed the 5% tax.

You can read more on the amusement tax by clicking HERE.

Obviously, Chester folks aren’t the target audience for a Rock Allegiance concert. However, a three day concert on Chester’s waterfront means that a lot of Chester people would get a chance to go to work at Talen Energy Park as employees. A lot of Chester people work the concessions, keep the place clean, park the cars, and protect and serve.

I don’t know what’s worse, losing a 3 day event in Chester or simply losing to Camden?

What do you think?