ABC news reports that the Chester police brass will be bringing the troops in for a meeting to discuss …

…among other things, contract negotiations, the city’s financial problems and possible layoffs as a result.

My math may be a little off but I think 20 police officers retired to start the year and 7 were hired as new cadets a couple months ago. That still leaves 13 slots potentially available to fill. And, I think they were already under staffed before the retirements.

If considering police layoffs is hard to digest, I can’t believe anyone actually admitted that the city has financial problems.

Didn’t the city sign off on the state’s recovery plan without any amendments (that they’ll publicly disclose). The recovery plan states that the city will be financially solvent by next year if they follow all the provisions of the plan.

Folks came to the community meeting and raised hell at those recovery people because they were trying to get rid of Chester police. Police officers retired anyway and the city signed off on the very state recovery plan folks were yelling about.

Yet, the city has publicly gone against a few of the provisions of the recovery plan they signed off on, so we really don’t know if we’re recovering or not.

But, at least the police want their crew to know that the city has financial problems.

HOLD ON…Fox News reports that State Police are coming to Chester’s rescue. But, didn’t I read where cities will have to pay for State Police? Maybe that hasn’t kicked in yet and State Police help is still free. We like free around here.