Don’t get all excited. These guys haven’t done anything wrong. But today’s story on pages 22 &23 in the Delaware County Daily Times –  ‘Studies Show Racial Bias in School Funding‘ and ‘NAACP Rips Racial Bias in School Spending‘ – means it’s time for those  three leaders of our community to get to work.

We should expect to hear something from Darrell Jones, President of the Chester NAACP; Brian Kirkland, State Representative of the 159th district and on the Pennsylvania Children and Youth Committee; and Chester-Upland School District superintendent Juan Baughn, over this scathing report released by two fair funding advocacy groups that damn near proves that skin color has a greater impact on school funding than poverty?

The NAACP of Pottstown got to see a first hand report, including a video, that details the finding of the Education Law Center and Philadelphia Organized to Witness Empower and Rebuild which concludes that…

…while poverty is a factor statewide in determining how much per-student aid a school district gets, it turns out to be less of a predictor than race.

* Not only were poorer districts getting less than their fair share, the less white a poor district was, the worse the inequality. *

…districts with above-average populations of students of color receive less state aid per pupil than districts with above-average white populations, even when both districts have the similar levels of poverty.

Come on guys, lets get that study presented here in Chester so we can discuss this report and see the video.

Pottstown school board member suggested the Pottstown NAACP chapter establish a legislative advisory committee to keep the members informed. Is there a CUSD school board member who would ask the same thing of the Chester NAACP?

When they compared Pottstown to Mahanoy City who both have similar poverty levels Mahanoy is getting $1,156 more than its fair share and Pottstown is getting $2,361 less than its fair share.

The only statistical difference between the two districts is Mahanoy City is 84.5% white while Pottstown is 39% white.

Pottstown receives $12 million less than its fair share with its $59 million school budget. CUSD’s budget is north of $100 million. Will Dr. Baughn tell us how much less we’re receiving than our fair share? is a problem created in Harrisburg and can only be solved there.

Will we be hearing from our St. Rep. Kirkland to lead the charge for the CUSD?

Does anyone care?

If so, read the articles and start making the calls to Jones, Kirkland and Baughn. Keep me posted on what they say in response.