Five people were shot in a drive-by shooting in Chester on Friday and the Delaware County Daily Times buried the story in the Sunday paper on page 10 giving it about 350 words.  

Three young men from Chester (ages 25, 20 & 14) won the coveted Pennsylvania Golden Gloves State Championship in Harrisburg last month and the Delaware County Daily Times ran a three page spread with 8 photos including one on the front page that teases the story. And, the story is placed as a news story – not in the sports section.

Somebody needs to call Phil Heron and say thanks.

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Sometimes I’m amused when people ask me why I didn’t cover this-or-that. They tell me that I’m the news guys who knows everything going on in Chester. My common answer is that I’m not a reporter, I’m not a journalist, and no one told me about it. This Eastside Rec Center story where James E. Starkey, Patrick “Rock P” Pernsley and Dennis Shaw are training the sport of boxing is a perfect example.

I am the guy who, in a recent post, admitted that I would rather be publishing a youth sports paper than this blog, and never mentioned boxing as a potential sport to cover. I had forgotten about the Must Fight Boxing Club on 5th and Edgmont made famous by being used as a training gym in the movie ‘Creed.’ And, no one thought to clue me in on what was going on in the Eastside Rec Center.

I’ve never been much of a boxing fan but I love the spectacle of the sport and the personalities of the stars of the sport. In fact, the most entertaining and eye opening book I read recently was ‘Undisputed Truth’ by Mike Tyson. It didn’t help me enjoy the sport any more but it confirmed that boxing stars have the best life stories.

Has there ever been a city the size of Chester in any state to produce 3 Golden Glove champions in one year? Can Philly make that claim? This is a phenomenal achievement.

How many Golden Gloves champs have come out of Chester? I admit that I don’t follow the sport, but I have not heard of more than a few over my lifetime around here.

When’s the parade?