Last week I posted a piece on my desire to start a youth sports paper as opposed to what I launched which has morphed into this blog.

Today, I see my ‘old head’, Harry Chaykun, received the Delaware County Athletes Hall of Fame’s 2017 Robert Finucane Memorial Achievement Award which goes to a Delco “athlete or sports oriented individual who has aspired to be at the top of their profession.”

In today’s Delaware County Daily Times, they credit Harry as being the guy to first shine light on girls sports in the paper.

I first encountered the great Harry Chaykun when I was 8 years old. He was good friends with a couple of my little league baseball coaches and was involved helping them with us little rascals without ever being a coach himself. When I joined Biddy Basketball, Harry was over at Smedley Junior High hanging out with that crew and wearing the striped shirt and black slacks as a ref.

Even during my CYO days playing basketball for Immaculate Heart of Mary, Harry was popping up. I must confess that I really didn’t like Harry Chaykun at that time because I though he was a horrible ref. But, any ref who called a foul on me was a horrible ref.

Somewhere during that period I learned that Harry was a sports writer for the Daily Times. I would have never thought I’d work for that same paper and see Harry as a coworker for a very short time.

I know of 3 walking sports encyclopedias around here. Rod Powell for the Phillies, Keddy Harris for Chester High sports – especially basketball, and Harry Chaykun for all Delaware County sports.

My pretend-for-now youth sports paper will cover all boys and girls sports. High school varsity, junior varsity, and freshman teams. All middle school sports. All youth league sports. I’ll even cover the church leagues, bowling leagues, darts leagues, ultimate frisbee leagues, trap shooting leagues, skateboard leagues and soap box derby leagues if a kid is involved.

Harry Chaykun has made his mark by giving girls equal access to the sports pages and that legacy continues.

Congratulations Harry.

p.s. ‘Chaykun Style’ is not to be confused with ‘Gangnum Style’ unless a group of high school girl athletes create a new song & dance to go with the name.