Chester, PA- April 12, 2017- The Women’s Circle celebrates four (4) years of real issues, real dialogue and real talk. With the recent designation of Chester being dubbed as the “most dangerous city in Pennsylvania,“ the Women’s Circle, in coordination with Chester Housing Authority, will tackle the issue of “gun violence.”

That’s Shot Out! is the name of this year’s panel of youth and community activists who will identify the structural and systemic problems of gun violence; the panel and audience will scaffold ways toward long- term changes and solutions for Chester. That’s Shot Out! comes from a contemporary, city colloquialism signifying feelings of dismay, or disdain, about a certain person or situation. One could say that gun violence in Chester is “shot out.”

We, as a community, need to start being aware how guns and weapon’s consistently end up in the hands of our youth and young adults; we also need more community control of law enforcement’s accountability and inventory practices.
We have to question other institutions that cause violence and struggle in our city. We don’t have a gun problem, we have a bullet problem… too many of our youth are being pierced by them.”

That’s Shot Out! will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 3:00pm- 6:00pm EST at the Booker T. Washington Center (611 Central Avenue- Chester, PA 19013) located in the Chatham Estates section of the city (former Lamokin Village) Contact (610) 513-0422 for van service or questions. Food and refreshment provided after for panelists and attendees.

The Women’s Circle is grassroots women’s empowerment/advocacy group located in Chester, PA. The mission of the Women’s Circle is to provide a space for all women to have candid dialogue regarding their families, communities and themselves. Tara L. Fontaine serves as Founder of the Women’s Circle and Jacqueline “Jacii” Sterling serves as the Women’s Circle’s Executive Director.

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