On Tuesday, one of the questions asked in a blog post was, ‘Where are the police body cameras the city was testing last year?’

Now we know.

On Delcotimes.com this morning, I read…

Kirkland highlighted a number of steps he said in time would continue to improve the basic ways of life of his city’s residents.

“We’ve instituted police body cameras, cameras in the community, LED lighting to brighten up neighborhoods, we’re in contact with the DA and the AG…

I’m thinking of renaming this blog to the ‘Rhetorical Question Blog.’ I hardly ever get answers to questioned asked in blog post. Why did it have to take a news paper article to get an answer? Couldn’t someone just slip me an email or make a comment on the blog, or Facebook, or Twitter, or something?

I did get a email from someone with the approved recovery plan attached. I responded to them to remind them that it was after this so-called approved recovery plan came out in August that city officials said they were going to produce amendments to be released in October. I was simply asking if any amendments were forthcoming or if the August recovery plan is the final-final.

I guess we’ll have to wait for another newspaper article to get that answer.