Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan made a friendly visit to Chester with his appearance at the Chester Panther Youth Football banquet on Saturday.

He was awarded a plaque for his generous last minute gift to the organization that made it possible for trophies to be purchased when the usual donor couldn’t honor the commitment.


In the second time in just a few weeks, local political figures have been seen spending time with the youth of Chester. First there was a bunch of representatives from Chester City government joining a handful of students on their field trip to Sun Studios where they also met Kevin Hart. This weekend, the county’s Top Cop came to town to show his love for youth football by joining hundreds of kids at the Chester Panther banquet.


School aged students should have more opportunity to get to know their local political leaders to learn who they are and what they do. As they grow, they’ll gain an appreciation for the role of public office, better understand the importance of voting, and possibly¬†become a future Mayor, City Council member, Judge, State Rep, Senator or District Attorney.


Let’s hope this is a start of more activity connecting our youth to our community leaders.