When the real newspaper paper reach out to me for information coming out of Chester City Hall, you know we’re in trouble. I may offer a breaking opinion every now and then but I’m not the guy breaking the news. I count on the real newspapers for that.

The ‘Big Guys’ called to ask if I knew the status of Chester’s recovery plan and they asked some budget related questions. Believe me, the phone call hardly lasted a minute.

The last I heard about the recovery plan was back in August 2016 when the city signed off on what the State recommended while saying this…

A detail of the proposal will be made public sometime in October. For now, City Council has accepted the Act 47 Recovery Plan proposed by Econsult Solutions, but the full complement of amendments have not be released to the public. Those details are still to come.

Here’s some breaking news. Those details are still to come.

I’d like to believe there is an amended recovery plan floating around city hall somewhere, but according to the last Spirit newspaper I picked up, they were filing a Right-to-Know request to get their hands on the city budget and the recovery plan. Even that article turned funny when the Spirit described the run around they received trying to locate the Right-to-Know representative from the city. Was she on vacation or not? Some staff said she was on a 10 day vacation while others said they had seen her walking around the building that day. Hilarious.

Last week, I received an email from a new reader to this blog. They also came to me looking for information out of city hall. If this keeps up, I’m going to ask for an office over there.

Here’s a portion of that person’s request…

I was intrigued to see that David Kennedy was scheduled to do a community forum last month and looked forward to hearing what he had to say as well as the community interaction with his ideas. Sadly, the snow/ice storm cancelled his event. According to Kirkland’s transition report, Focused Deterrence was supposed to be implemented last year. A full-time criminal intelligence analyst was supposed to be hired to help them “focus” their efforts to curb gun violence.

Below, I’ve listed all the things folks have asked me about over the last couple months regarding city government. If any readers can update us on the status of any of these points, please don’t be shy to comment.

  • Where can I find the 2017 Chester City budget?
  • Did the city agree on a recovery plan, and if so, where can I find it?
  • Is the city current on its fiscal audits?
  • When will the mayor start the seatbelt checks he promised during his campaign?
  • Where are the police body cameras the city was testing last year?
  • Does anyone who works in the city of Chester feel the sting of the huge income tax increase?
  • Is a new firehouse and banquet hall going to be built?
  • Is the Riverfront Ramble going to be another Gospel Fest?
  • And the most common comment I hear is when will the violent crime be reduced by 50%?

Honestly, if anyone believe that last one could be accomplished by anyone other than Luke Cage, you are delusional.