Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer had a article ‘Oh, for that sweet silence’ by Mark Bowden where he recommended the Phillies play one or two ‘silent’ games. It may sound a little kooky at first, but it makes sense to me.

Attending live professional sports is too damn loud. As Bowden puts it…

From the minute you walk through the gate until the final out, your ears are bombarded by rock music, promotions, public address announcements, silly theme songs for batters and relief pitchers, goofball between-inning promotions and contests, PA announcements urging fans to “MAKE SOME NOISE!!” and whatever other ear-piercing innovation the club conjures up.

This topic grabbed me because I’ll confess to being noise averse and require a Daily Recommend Allowance of pure silence. It’s so hard to find. Some noises are natural like birds, traffic, equipment at work, and airplanes overhead. But, a lot of noise exist that has no other purpose but to distract – in my opinion.

I don’t need to listen to the car radio my entire trip. I don’t need my gasoline pump or my treadmill to have a TV attached. I don’t need my clerk singing the song coming over the store sound system. Sometimes I want to be like The Fonz on an episode I saw of Happy Days and just say “Ayyyye!” and the world goes silent.

I get most annoyed at live sporting events. Like Bowden, the noise is just too much. I just wanna watch the game. It makes its own noise.

Comic Bill Burr did a funny piece on attending a Golden State Warriors home game. He purchased great seats to hear the sneakers squeak on the floor and listen to the players call out picks. All he heard was “EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS.”

Funny, but there seems to be a limit to the noise at sporting events. Wasn’t it the Atlanta Falcons who got fined for pumping in artificial crowd noise? Go figure!

I’ll never go to another Philadelphia Soul game. That was the most annoying cacophony of bombast I’ve ever encountered, and I love arena football.

As Bowden states…

I don’t mind a PA announcer presenting the lineup, or introducing a new pitcher or batter, but beyond that…nothing but the natural noise of a crowd, the hawking of peanut and popcorn vendors, and the sounds of the game itself.

Does Amtrak still have the Silent Car? Maybe I need to hit the rails and just get away.

As said in Job 33:33…listen to me; be silent, and I will teach you wisdom. Maybe we could all be a little smarter if we allow a tad more silence in our lives.