For us old folks, our most enduring memory of Sun Center is our Chester High School graduation ceremony. More recently its best known as the site of the Delaware County Pro-Am Men’s Basketball Summer League where NBA players joined some of the best local college players in some of the most competitive and entertaining basketball in the country.

All that is a thing of the past as Sun Center is now a giant studio producing TV shows, movies,  commercials, and an occasional summer concert series. Some have coined it ‘Hollywood East.’

Sun Center Studios is off limits to the public because much of the work they do involve projects and celebrities that operate in a bubble of privacy. There was talk of a 4-D movie theater and entertainment complex to be built on the site but I’ve heard nothing of that notion for years.

However, in a rare exception to the Sun Center Studio clandestine persona…

Seventeen students from Chester Charter School for the Arts, Chester Community Charter School and the Chester Upland School District were treated to an exclusive tour Wednesday as they were escorted through sets for the movie, watched a scene being filmed and got a smidgen of (Kevin) Hart’s precious time for a phenomenal experience they won’t forget.

I didn’t quite get the memo, so I’m left to ask a few questions about this event after reading about it in the Delaware County Daily Times like most of y’all.

Who Set This Experience Up?

This is the first time I’ve seen multiple schools participate in a school activity, so I’m curious who brought them all together for this one trip. How were the 17 students selected?

In a rare mix of public and charter school participation, there were a few students from Chester-Upland public schools. There were students from two of the three charters schools in Chester: Chester Community Charter and Chester Charter School for the Arts. Did someone forget to ask Widener Charter?

What were Chester City government officials doing on the trip?

It looked strange seeing all those well dressed adults from City Hall on a school trip. Could more students have attended if not so many adults came along?

Or maybe this a great new program to get city government involved in the schools. Or maybe it was a civics lesson. Or maybe city government personnel now stand in for parents and chaperone students on their field trips. I’ll be looking out for them on the school bus trips to the Constitution Center, Caleb Pusey’s House, and the Philadelphia Zoo if that’s the case.

Can I get an invite?

Kevin Hart is a legit star and the kids must have gone bonkers when he came out to meet them. But, I’m a real Bryan Cranston fan. ‘Breaking Bad’ is one of my all time favorite TV shows. I’d go just as bonkers as the kids to meet ‘Walter Hartwell White Sr., aka Heisenberg.’

If someone from the school district or city hall or Sun Studios can make that happen, I’d be grateful.