Chester, PA – March 19, 2017 – James Johnson, Chester’s GOP Chairman, breaks party politics to endorse Walden Horace Davis (D) for Magisterial District Judge 32-1-20. Johnson a lifelong Republican and new Chairman of Chester GOP has broken tradition making this the first time that the Chester GOP has endorsed a Democrat for any office.  

“The endorsement was based on a review of Davis’ ethical standards and work performance on the bench.  Davis is well respected, honest, and brings a fresh perspective to the bench.  He never strayed from his judicial responsibilities and did a great job avoiding the political pitfalls that can sideline a judge’s decision, said Johnson.”

The New GOP, which is a fusion of Democrats, Republicans and Independents, committed to making changes in Chester. They circulated Republican petitions for Davis and pledge to support him in the upcoming election.

This endorsement is in line with the new Chester GOP mission which is to reach across party lines and support the best candidate for the City of Chester.

“We are not interested in running the same old politics that both parties engaged in over the years. Our candidates are independent thinkers with strong community support across both political aisles, said Johnson.”   

Most recently, the new Chester GOP had a gathering to introduce the candidates for the upcoming election and did not have enough room for all of the people that came out in attendance.  “This was supposed to be an event for the candidates to share their candidacy with their family and close friends before introducing them to the public. I was overwhelmed by the large crowd of new enthusiastic Chester residents that came out to support these candidates, said Johnson. We have not seen this many people attend an event in over 8 years or more, said Johnson.”  

The endorsement is a tremendous boost for Davis and will allow him to cross file for the upcoming election.  Essentially, Davis will appear on both ballots and may have an uncontested race. Spencer B. Seaton, Jr. (R) was also endorsed by the New GOP for the Magisterial Judge Race 32-1-22.

The new Chester GOP announced the following candidates for the 2017 Council and School Board Races. Our two candidates for the four year terms on City Council are Emmanuel  “EU” Gilbert and Adora Purnell.  Reverend Dr. Bayard Taylor is seeking election for the two year term. School Board Candidates:  Marvin Payne, Claudia Taylor, Denise Johnson and Kenneth Washington.

Candidates will be formally introduced to the public and launch their platform in the next week.

Media Contact:

Marrea Walker-Smith, CSS, MA, MPA