Today’s Philadelphia Daily News reports a nationwide study of 30,000 students at 70 community colleges in 24 states shows an alarming rate of college students worry about food to eat and a place to live.

Two-thirds are affected by food insecurity and half by worries over housing.

Some schools aware of the problem have set up pantries with snack food for students. Temple University is chatting with Philabundance to see if they can help with food and the Philadelphia Housing Authority to see if they can help with housing.

One of the proposed solutions is to come up with a food scholarship for students in need. Imagine that!

In a related matter, Temple University is raising the price of their room and board by almost 5% due to the new Philadelphia soda tax which is over and beyond their normal price increase to live on campus.

Too many underestimate that neighborhood schools, especially in poor communities, are the largest food ministries in town, feeding the majority of students breakfast and lunch for free. If a high school student is fortunate enough to graduate and be accepted to college, the need for food is probably even more acute even if they go to a local college and still live at home. School expenses and money for transportation could eat up any funds earned in part time jobs.