I haven’t done a Stupid Criminal of the Day post in a while. The bank robbery in Ridley Park was too temping to resist.

According to the Delaware County Daily Time, the robbery and subsequent capture of the bad guy went something like this…

A Philly guy found his way to Ridley Park on Thursday and filled out a deposit/withdraw slip at the bank using the account number – “HAVE A BOMB HAND OVER THE MONEY.”

The teller immediately identified the customer as someone she would rather not have in her line. Although he wasn’t clear on the amount of withdraw he required, the teller decided to expedite the transaction by randomly assembling a to-go envelope with about $3600 in it. It doesn’t appear he double checked the amount before fleeing on foot.

The teller must not have one of those buttons under her counter that you always see in the movies, so she put up her ‘Next Window Please’ sign and stepped to the office to call 911 to inform the police of the robbery.

As the bank robber was making his way to the bus stop for his ride back to Philly, he was seen dropping dollar bills along the way. Hearing sirens, he stepped up his pace and ran toward the woods continuing to drop money as he went.

Witnesses thought they were seeing another live adaptation of a Disney film as in ‘Hansel and Gretel’ where there were bread crumbs dropped as Hansel made his way in the woods. But, with no film crew following the bank robber, they realized he was just the Stupid Criminal of the Day.

When police caught up with him, he was still holding on to quite a bit of cash and a SEPTA transfer. As if the trail of money leading up to the man with a pocket full of more money hiding in the woods wasn’t enough, the police found a witness to identify the man to make sure they had the right Stupid Criminal of the Day. They did!

The lesson learned here is that planning the getaway may be more important than planning a bank robbery. Being successful at one without the other leads to a bad day in the woods.