What do the people of Chester want in their political leadership? With the primary election about 2 months away, the campaign season has officially begun. What’s up for grabs are two city council seats, a school board position, and one for district judge. (correct me if I’m wrong)

The Chester Republican party recently named retired Fire Commissioner Jimmy Johnson as their head, and in today’s Delaware County Daily Times he states that their approach is different than the Republicans of the past.

“We’re not telling people what we’re going to do, we’re asking them, ‘What would you like to see happen?’” he said. “We have many people who think their civic duty stops when they go to a poll on elections. That’s where it starts.”

Chester GOP spokeswoman and former councilwoman Marrea Walker-Smith says…

“The mission really is to believe in Chester and believe that Chester is a place where we have an improved quality of life and enrichment opportunities. Those are the main goals of it, so it’s not really connected to any particular organization or ideology of the past or anything like that.”

In response to the Republican claims, Chester Democratic Party Chair Livia Smith says…

…inclusiveness has long been the mantra of the city’s Democratic Party, a tradition she plans to continue. We’ve always had that inclusiveness going on,” she said. “That’s how we’ve won, because we’ve been inclusive of everybody. …It’s not like we’re starting to work with everybody now, we’ve been doing that. I guess they took a page from our book on how to run a successful campaign.

Now that we know both parties welcome all residents to be included in the political process, it’s now time for people to register for the party you believe is best qualified to run this city.

Over the next 9 weeks, I’ll keep you posted on what each party promises to deliver to help you make a more informed decision. Hopefully, I’ll receive submissions from Marrea and Livia, if not, you’ll get my opinions from what may show up in the papers.

I’m not a reporter so please don’t expect me to track anyone down for an interview.