It’s easy to dismiss Trump as being extreme when he talks about Fake News and to label  Kellyanne as ridiculous when she came up with the phrase of the year, Alternative Facts.

For years, I’ve been picking apart articles found in the papers and offering alternative facts as I see them. Today will be no exception with the Delaware County Times article on Two Charge with Weapons Offenses in Chester.

Some of you may know that I only lasted 10 months in my advertising job at the Daily Times before they fired me. I often wonder how fast my dear friend, editor Phil Heron, would fire me if I was his reporter and offered stories like this…

The 501 Bar was poppin’ off in more ways than one on Thursday night when a couple police officers were returning to police headquarters 4 blocks up the street from the bar and heard gun shots coming from the bar. They reported the incident to the cops on duty and joined them as police cars surrounded the bar.

When they arrived, folks were haul-assin’ out the bar, hopping in their cars and driving off. However, there was one guy who decided not to leave. He actually stepped out his car and dropped bags of weed on the sidewalk right in front of the cops. Fearful of being accused of drinking and driving, he also placed his half empty Corona on the sidewalk with the weed. He was detained by police.

His upset passenger saw that they weren’t going anywhere and decided to step out the car and try to walk away like nothing was happening. As he broke into a gentle trot, a cop caught up with him and gave him a little taze to calm him down to face arrest. During his short jog, he lightened his load and placed his gun on the ground.

Police found that the gun was stolen and not licensed to be carried. Empty shell casings were also found and the gun was totally out of bullets.

Other than these two guys, everyone else seemed to make it home safely as there was no evidence that anyone was injured in the shooting.

We’re proud to report a perfectly happy ending as a result of another great job by the understaffed Chester Police Department.

Thanks Phil Heron and the Delaware County Daily Times for getting me started as a blogger. There’s no doubt in my mind I’d never survive as a staff writer.