There’s an exciting series of graphic action adventure books about to be introduced to the Chester & Wilmington area designed to engage teens to enjoy reading while learning attributes like respect, devotion, trust and confidence.

This action-adventure series features four talented inner-city teenagers of different cultures who triumph over extraordinary circumstances and form a musical group called C2 & Posse (pronounced Cee-Squared).

They uncover an Intergalactic Empire that is dedicated to destroying life as we know it throughout the Galaxy. The salvation of all humanity rests on the broad shoulders of a team of Inner-City Teenagers.

The C2 & Posse consists of:

C2™ (Clarence Collins II) is an African-American and is the Posse’s leader and resident scientist.

Spoony Breeze™ is a Caucasian American who is real cool and real quick. His nose twitches when there’s danger.

Glow™ is an Asian American who’s jovial and energetic with a distinctively infectious laugh and a glowing personality.

Peppermint-T is Latin-American and is the stylish and sassy information specialist that monitors all electronic media and cracks computer access codes with her special skills.

Over the next several months, a group of us will be introducing the books to educators and youth groups. As a special attraction, we’ve created a costume for the most popular character, Peppermint-T, and are seeking a few models who will represent her live as we make our presentations.

The ideal candidate will be between 16 and 21, Hispanic, have a good singing voice, and willing to learn the C2 & Posse storyline in order to effectively play her role during appearances. The costume will fit a woman’s size 8.

Interested candidates are to send a short description on why they qualify to be Peppermint-T along with a full body photo to

This is the first call.

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