“Progress in Chester is Impossible without Changes to the Administration said James Johnson Chester GOP Chairman.”

Chester, PA March 1, 2017:  Retired Fire Commissioner James Johnson is charged up and ready to lead the new “Chester GOP” which is a group of Republicans, Democrats and Independents committed to change and progress for the City of Chester.  “Chester is facing enormous challenges which will take the entire community to overcome. Party affiliation is inconsequential to the progress of our community, said Johnson.”

“We need to attract the best and brightest to lead our city because the problems that exist far exceed the current administrations ability to resolve. I believe that the current council members did their best, but they lack the skill set to move the city forward, said Johnson.”

Over the last year, Chester GOP leaders, religious leaders, and community groups began to meet to discuss the challenges that plague the City of Chester. The meetings resulted in the new Chester GOP mission and platform to restore and rebuild the City of Chester. “We need to invest in Human Capital and identify opportunities to prepare our residents for jobs, create enrichment opportunities for our young people, and improve on the quality of life which includes an initiative on preventative health and violence prevention, as well as a robust educational system said Johnson.”  In addition, the platform includes plans to utilize technology to improve government transparency and reduce cost.

Johnson who served as Fire Commission from 2011-2015 under the current administration describes the administration as chaotic and disorganized. “I’ve lived in the City of Chester and served the community all of my life. Chester has never been this poorly managed by any administration, said Johnson. But the people have the chance to change this situation by voting for new candidates with the experience and temperament to manage the City of Chester.”

In a few weeks, Chester GOP plans to announce their candidates and platform to improve the conditions of the City of Chester.

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