I’m not a movie buff, but I may have seen more movies in the past year than I have in a long time mainly because black people are in them. It’s not that I’m protesting the ‘La La Lands’ of the world, I just don’t have the attention span to stay awake for 2 hours in a dark room with comfortable chairs unless I see some black folks.

In 1990, Public Enemy put out their Fear of a Black Planet album containing the song ‘Burn Hollywood Burn’ where they have the famous lyric…

Yeah, I’ll check out a movie

But it will take a black one to move me

So let’s make our own movies like Spike Lee

Cause the roles being offered don’t strike me

I awoke this morning reading about the fiasco at the Oscars where some old white couple made up their own Best Picture winner, had the wrong cast come to the stage and receive trophies only to learn from one of the wrong cast members that the card clearly had Moonlight written in big bold letters.

It’s still early, but I didn’t read that Mr. Oscar himself ran out to the stage to make the correction which makes me believe that if that LaLaLand cast guy didn’t ‘fess up, they may have went home a winner. WTF? (why the foolishness)

My movie run started with Kevin Hart’s ‘What’s Next’ and ‘Birth of a Nation.’ I couldn’t wait to see ‘Moonlight’ when it came out. It was in very limited release but finally made the Ritz in Philly. I tried to bounce Ritz theaters to see ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Loving’ in the same day but mom called with a to-do interrupting my double feature attempt. I eventually got to ‘Loving.’

I couldn’t wait to see ‘Fences.’ I couldn’t wait to see ‘Hidden Figures’ and did catch it on the first weekend. I couldn’t wait to see ’13th’ and ‘I’m Not Your Negro.’ I can’t wait to see ‘Get Out.’

From what I saw, ‘Moonlight’ was the best movie thanks to its originally, great artistry, over the top acting, and compelling story. It made no attempt to entertain. This was just pure storytelling on film in its most beautiful form. Now, if you’re homophobic, please don’t see ‘Moonlight.’

‘Hidden Figures’ was very entertaining and demonstrated everything that’s good with Hollywood when they get it right.

‘Fences’ was pure acting at its absolute best. I still don’t know why Viola Davis wasn’t in the leading lady category.

‘Loving’ was good but not as powerful as the ones above.

’13th’ and ‘Negro’ are superb documentaries.

‘Get Out’ made $30 million in the first weekend. They should expect another gift card swipe from me sometime this week.


If they keep coming out with movies like these, I may become a regular at the theater.

Here’s a beautiful description of Moonlight…

L.A. Times film critic Kenneth Turan wrote, “So intimate you feel like you’re trespassing on its characters’ souls, so transcendent it’s made visual and emotional poetry out of intensely painful experience, it’s a film that manages to be both achingly familiar and unlike anything we’ve seen before.”