Last week started with Chester’s mayor and police commissioner staging a press conference where it was announced that the city is in a Spiritual State of Emergency. (Is that a new form of Sanctuary City?)

Later in the week, the law enforcement folks gathered to promise sharing resources to help Chester fight crime. Later that day, the community was invited to a roundtable discussion at City Hall.

The Delaware Country Daily Times reports that about 75 concerned citizens came out to offer their views and opinions of the crime problem in Chester.

The End? Is that it? Is something going to happen from here or is the effort over?

I’m going to assume that this week was only the start of getting a movement together that will involve the community in crimefighting.

As much as some would like to see a real State of Emergency, level thinking people realize that they don’t want to sacrifice their civil and human rights by turning the city into a police/military state. That would be the equivalent of saying that you have no control over your own community and need outside authorities keeping a foot on your neck to stay in line. We are so much better than that.

-Start Fake News-

This is the Fake News portion of the post.

I’m going to take the recommendations offered in the community meeting and assign a person to lead each effort. They will be required to offer a plan to the mayor within 15 days on how they will address the area they are responsible for, since they brought it up.

We are not a city that’s all about talk and no actions. Oh no! Those folks who came out to the community roundtable came out to make a difference.

Here are the issues they will be addressing. We expect that you will join one or more of the movements to help remedy their call and contribute to the crime fighting effort in Chester.

Here are the committees formed from community input as listed in the Daily Times:

  • Loitering in neighborhoods
  • Better parenting
  • Curfew enforcement
  • Addressing territorial differences
  • Creating stronger male leadership at home
  • Remove or restore abandoned and unkept buildings
  • Determine why trash goes uncollected
  • Wake up police officers who sleep when they should be on patrol
  • Create more community centers for youth
  • Include youth in community discussions
  • Encourage mentors
  • Create a re-entry program for those released from prison
  • Create more job opportunities
  • Find more teachers who genuinely care about the students
  • Create more interaction between males 30 and older with youth to share experiences to help pave a positive path.

Expect for ongoing weekly meetings to address these topics. You all will be asked to join the group you feel most comfortable assisting.

You can find updates on the progress of these groups on the Chester City Website, or the Chester City Blog, or the Daily Times, or Action News…(when it’s Fake News it could be anywhere).

-End of Fake News-

In order to get the community involved, we must give them specific things to get involved in. Too often the call goes out that is far too general and the same topics get mentioned every time with no follow up action.

‘If you name it, claim it.’

Start the movement or else you are nothing but talk. We need less talk and more action.