I wasn’t invited to the press conference at Chester police headquarters yesterday, so I enjoyed napping during the day and watching basketball at night, only to be interrupted by a phone call telling me to watch the press conference on Facebook Live.

Why would a press conference be on Facebook if only the press is invited?

I had no intention to watch it, but after I was told that a Spiritual State of Emergency was mentioned, I admit to being amused enough to consider tuning in after I watch some more basketball.

I did tell the caller that if there was mention of a Spiritual State of Emergency, the Delaware County Daily Times will make that the headline. He doubted me and said only I would do that. I guess this became another ‘I Told Ya So’ moment.

In the 10 years I’ve been doing this Chester community journalism thing, I’ve never quite understood Chester city government’s communication strategies. But, if there were ever a time where the city needs to focus on a communication plan, it’s now.

There’s no way a city employee who has nothing to do with communications or public relations should be permitted to record and post a ‘non-public access’ press conference moments after it takes place. Or, if the city does want to make a press conference available to the public, they should have their communications people set up a live feed that can be viewed on the city website or their social media sites, not on an employee’s personal Facebook page.

Since I didn’t hurry to watch it, I just knew someone in city government would force that employee to take it down and give them some Kellyanne Conway counseling. I just watched the video, so it doesn’t appear anyone will be ‘Kellayanned.’

Chester city government could help themselves by finding a Sean Spicer type to address the press during these conferences. However well intentioned, I don’t think the mayor and police commissioner came across well enough to convince most viewers the issue of crime prevention is under control.

I’m only one person with one opinion. Over 13,000 have viewed at least a portion of that Facebook Live video. Based on the comments, they’re not too excited with what they saw either.