For those of you who consider me the press, I do have a real job and those 10am City Council meetings make it impossible for me to attend. Hopefully, one day Chester will take a page from some of our surrounding communities and broadcast city council and school board meetings on the Comcast public access channels.

So, like the rest of you, I have to rely on the Delaware County Daily Times to read their report on yesterday’s meeting.

It appears the room was packed with people seeking a response from the city on the violent crime we’ve experienced since the beginning of the year. But first, everyone was treated to the swearing in of city high school students as ‘youth city councilpersons and mayor.’ What followed had to have a few of them wondering if they really wanted what they signed up for.

During the public comment section, I imagine a long line formed as locals expressed their opinions and frustrations on the violence. Having witnessed my shared of these meetings, there’s usually a lot more passion than eloquence voiced by the people and it seemed to get under the skin of the real city council and mayor sitting in the big seats.

But, the take away is that the mayor was quoted as saying he’s going to have a roundtable discussion with the police a week from today. Since he’s in charge of the police, we’re hoping they talk on a regular basis, but we’ll never know for sure.

And, he’ll have a press conference regarding the spike in homicides, maybe today or tomorrow, or maybe next week. That will be his opportunity to share with the ‘press’ his position on that matter.

I have a feeling a lot of residents are looking for an opportunity to have an open forum with city government, too. However, the 3 minutes you’re allowed in the public comment section of a weekday morning city council meeting may be the extent of public dialog between city residents and city government to discuss this violence.