The natives are getting restless. With Chester averaging more than a murder per week since the year began, a lot of people are talking about everything from “I’m moving” to “Where are the troops?”

One of the biggest questions in the streets regarding the murders and shootings is… ‘Where is the mayor?’ I think that’s a legitimate question to ask since the mayor is charged with running the police department and in keeping his city livable, safe, attractive, and economically viable.

This is not to place to come to read about crime, but it is the place to come to read submissions from anyone who cares to send them. Ever since I started this community journalism thing over 10 years ago, my assumption that city government just needed an outlet to publish press releases for city residents to learn what’s going on was totally wrong. It’s almost like the city hires communications directors to not communicate with the community.

At one point I was so frustrated with the lack of information coming out of City Hall that I confronted the acting communications person on her lack of communication of either good or bad news. She simple told me that she only writes what ‘they’ tell her to write.

People really want to know what, if anything, the city government is doing, planning, predicting, or even how they feel, or how residents should feel, about the murder rampage going on in the city.

When nothing comes out of city hall, the natives get restless.

Here are the submissions from Chester City Hall from the start of 2017. It’s not hard to understand why people are concerned if this is all their government leaders have to say.

Yet, on May 22, 2016, the mayor did release a statement about a murder to the community. Why there isn’t one for every murder makes no sense to me.

Obviously, words aren’t enough, especially if it isn’t followed up by action, but silence cannot be the strategy moving forward or there will be real anarchy in these streets by summer time.