I’m the last person you want to talk with about football. I’m one of those few guys that doesn’t like watching football. I liked playing the game as a kid. I can’t throw a football 10 yards, but put it in the air anywhere near me and I’ll give you a great Julio Jones imitation.

So, I understand the game and I do watch the playoffs (if I can stay awake).

When the Patriots were down 16 points, I took two things into consideration. Number 1: The Vegas bookies are spooky with their predictions and they had the Patriots winning by 3. And Number 2: I know for a fact that Tom Brady plays his best football under extreme pressure. If his defense didn’t crack, he would find a way.

I started spouting off at the mouth…”Give me Tom Brady and the Pressure” over a young QB and a tired Atlanta defense. I’ll admit, I was as shocked as everyone else that the Patriots pulled it off, but it qualifies me to say….”I Told Ya So.”