If you read this blog, don’t act like you don’t remember me writing this…

So, did it really surprise anyone that Steve Harvey would meet with Donald Trump? He has a history of questionable moves.

…from Steve Harvey is not Martin Luther King III, is he Chrisette?

I didn’t realize Mr. Harvey had put his foot in his mouth a couple weeks ago on the radio when…

On January 17, the “Family Feud” host admitted he made a mistake when commenting on his talk show that black and white women do not find Asian men appealing.

Now it’s being reported that Mr. Harvey is hiring a real life Olivia Pope to help him facilitate some crisis management.

I like Steve Harvey and his success is a great example of what can happen for anyone who is blessed with a skill or talent, has a strong dream and work ethic, and takes advantage of opportunities. However, if he doesn’t learn to take a few naps during the day between jobs, he’s going to find that he just can’t spout off at the mouth with everything that’s on his mind.

I think Steve’s desire to be seen as a go getter is getting the best of him. He’s 60 years old now. Time to stop pushing so hard before he finds himself totally pushed out the game.