As if coaching high school basketball with bunch of 15 to 18 year olds isn’t hard enough, a Lincoln (NJ) High School basketball coach was snatched from his car outside the school and threatened with a crowbar by a passionate (crazy to the point of criminal) fan or parent who insisted the coach start playing the seniors more.

I’m confident our ‘C-Pride’ doesn’t extend to that level of craziness, but this story should serve as a warning that some people take sports way too seriously.

If Chester had a real newspaper, it would be The Trentonian where I found this story. They have the same owners as the Delaware County Daily Times and if you have the digital subscription you can access all their papers of which The Trentonian is one. I read it a few times a week and can’t help but to recognize there’s not much difference between the streets and government of Chester and Trenton.