Did you hear that the game of youth football as we know it may become a much different game if the bigwigs have their way?

U.S.A. Football, the national governing body for amateur football, intends to introduce a drastically altered youth football game in response to declining participation and increasing public belief that the game is not safe for children to play.

Evidence shows a decline in kids playing football because parents aren’t comfortable that it’s a safe game for their youngsters.

The participation declines in tackle football are worrisome not just to youth football organizations like Pop Warner, but to the N.F.L., which sees youth football as a way to develop future fans and pro players.

Here are some of the changes you may see in youth football soon…

…a new format that brings the game closer to flag football and tries to avoid much of the violence in the current version. Among the rule changes: Each team will have six to nine players on the field, instead of 11; the field will be far smaller; kickoffs and punts will be eliminated; and players will start each play in a crouching position instead of in a three-point stance.

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