To celebrate my 10 year anniversary as a community journalist, I had a concert and gave out community awards calling it the Chester City Awards. It was meant to be a one time thing, but from the stage Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland promised the crowd that it would be an annual thing which was followed by these words…”Right Stefan?”

Don’t tell Thad, but I had no intentions of having another Chester City Awards. But then I learned that my favorite group, the Fuzion Sol Band, was scheduled to perform a rare winter concert at my favorite venue, Andre Cafe Acoustique. I took the bold step of asking the owner if I could combine the Chester City Awards with his concert and he said yes. (He has no idea what he’s in for).

Fuzion Sol Band was the entertainment for last year’s Chester City Awards and they sort of got cheated out of some performance time. They gave a rousing first set, but giving out 15 awards took up more time than I expected, so when they came back to perform, many people ‘thought’ the show was over and left. As a lesson learned, I’m honoring only 3 people so we can keep the party flowing this time.

Andre Cafe Acoustique should be considered the anchor of Chester’s art and culture district. They’ve been bringing world class jazz performances to the corner of 5th and Edgmont for over 10 years with their summer concert series. It is the most intimate setting to see and hear a show.

My two favorite things about Andre Cafe is one, sitting outside on the sidewalk and watching the show through the open windows and listening thanks to the outside speakers that bounce sound perfectly from the building across the street. The other thing is the food. At intermission you get to eat some great food and have a couple drinks as part of the price of admission.

I doubt if February weather will permit outside seating, so make sure you get there early to secure a seat inside. I’m not sure what the fire marshall allows, but this event will put it to the test.