After more than a half century in business, provider Steve Burman recently sold Burmans Pharmacy, the community pharmacy his father, Harvey Burman, RPh, established on October 31, 1965 in Chester, PA.

Burman’s Pharmacy was serving the Chester community at their 21st and Edgmont Ave location before making the bold move of locating right next to a thriving CVS in Brookhaven.

Proving that there’s always room for ‘One more Good One’ the pharmacy continues to be supported by people who still enjoy having a personal relationship with their pharmacist and doing business in a ‘drug store’ as opposed to a mini supermarket.

The recent sale of the pharmacy, along with the sale in 2015 of Burmans Specialty Pharmacy to Diplomat Pharmacy, allows Steve Burman to refocus on Burmans Medical Supplies, which specializes in wound care (80%) catheters (20%).

As for the sale of the pharmacy, which specialized in the rare art of compounding pharmaceuticals (something you won’t find at CVS), Burman says it’s pretty much business as usual. He sold it to the pharmacist who has been running the business for the past 10 years.

“He’s a great compounder,” Steve said. “And my dad still works there one or two days a week.”

Steve Burman runs the family business. We were once teammates in the Chester Youth Baseball League playing for the ‘4-pete’ league champion Franklin Fire House. I was better at baseball. He’s much better at business.