All eyes and ears are on President Trump as he barrels his way along as the leader of the free world. But after what I saw and heard on Tuesday, Sean Spicer is my guy to watch.

I was minding my business as I sat among a group of men socializing, talking, and relaxing. The TV was blasting CNN which had the White House Press Briefing on.

I was splitting my attention between the conversation (jokes) in the room, the TV, and my laptop, but I couldn’t help but to be drawn to the TV as a result of what I was hearing. I finally had to ask who was that guy talking. I was told that was Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary.

And then this happened…

Sista girl April Ryan started asking a long question which included a statement that went something like this…”The president has met with athletes and entertainers but not with civil rights leaders…”

‘Big Sean’ then fixed his lips to say this…”The other day he sat down with Martin Luther King, Jr…”

Quiet little me, banging away on the laptop, exploded. “WTF” (why the foolishness). I caught myself yelling at the TV as the shocked fellas in the room all turned to look at me like I needed emergency attention.

And then the jokes began amongst the guys on how Trump met with MLK at his grave site to channel some policy for black folks. I wasn’t joking when I said that if Trump thinks the actual guy he met with, Martin Luther King III, is a civil rights leader then we have to wonder if he also thinks Kanye West, Jim Brown, Steve Harvey and those others are civil rights leaders, too, because King III ain’t on no black person’s radar as a leader of anything.

Y’all can watch Trump in the center ring all you want. I’m going to be tuned into ‘Big Sean’ in the little ring on the side. Big Sean’s fast talking stuttering and stammering to make Trump look good is far more entertaining than Trump himself.