Chester has an illegal gun problem. Upper Darby and parts of Delaware County have a heroin problem.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed, but there seems to be massive efforts to combat the heroin scourge according to the almost daily articles in the newspaper on the topic. I’m not quite seeing the same efforts to stem illegal guns.

In my attempt to join the Fake News fray, I’ve taken direct quotes from today’s Delaware County Daily Times editorial, ‘Going to war against purveyors of death,’ and replaced just a few words to morph the heroin editorial to a gun editorial. This was a surprisingly easy exercise.

(If words are replaced at all, they are in RED).

“This guy,” Chitwood said of the suspected gun dealer, “is truly a purveyor of death, no question about it.

The numbers when it comes to the gun problem, both in Upper Darby and Delaware County in general, don’t lie.

District Attorney Jack Whelan termed the numbers “concerning” and said the county is redoubling its efforts to combat the problem.

“When you look at the 2016 numbers, it’s very concerning to see the numbers escalating,” Whelan said. “We believe had it not been for the outreach of the Delaware County Gun Task Force, with its education component , those numbers would be staggering.”

Newly sworn-in Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro already is on record as saying the gun problem is the top law enforcement issue in the state. Whelan has vowed to reach across party lines to work with Shapiro and state officials to attack the issue.

The Wolf Administration also has identified the gun menace as a public health threat.

“We are in the middle of the worst gun epidemic in history,” said Gary Tennis,

The Wolf Administration has rolled out a series of initiatives to attack the problem, including taking a closer look at how guns are being handled.

When you compare this quote…

The township recorded 28 opioid-related deaths in 2016.

…to the 27 homicides on Chester streets (4 were deemed justifiable) you should be wondering how one scourge can get so much more attention than the other scourge.

Thanks to Naloxone, there would be many more heroin overdoses leading to death. Unfortunately, the pharmacists haven’t invented a Naloxone for gun wounds, yet.

I’m somewhat amused when I hear the terms used when describing the magic of Naloxone. I’m not sure if they’re describing the work of a Phillies pitcher coming in from the bullpen to win a game or a citizen using Naloxone to bring the dead back to life…

“This year we already have about 10 saves,” Chitwood added.