Neal Zoren writes about TV for the Delaware County Daily Times and is heard on 1210 AM every other week. Today, he wrote about radio and it confirmed my suspicions and disappointments about radio are valid. Neal says,

Today’s kids download their music to iPods and other portable devices, even sleeker and cooler than a transistor radio, and the proof is a look at local radio ratings.

That’s why I can’t find a local radio station playing music that I like. I gravitate to talk radio because I don’t like the music being played on local radio stations. Neal explains it like this.

Once upon a time, contemporary rock stations, playing hits and introducing new reeleases, dominated the ratings. Teens were the guiding audience. They decided who was boss and who would be Number One.

Later, radio rating took on an interesting pattern. The Top Ten stations were a smattering of diverse interest, a country or urban, even a talk station, show the variety of tastes, with each outlet having a significant enough audience to have some importance to its listeners.

That was probably when kids started doing their own thing.

Maybe I’m a kid at heart, especially when it comes to music. I want to hear new music, not oldies. The only stations playing new music are the hiphop, country, and rock stations. Where do you go to hear new R&B?

For years I’ve been subscribed to some music service (now Apple Music) just to have the opportunity to hear new stuff. I look forward to Tuesdays when most of the new releases come out.

Neal Zoren breaks down the top stations in Philly.

The current Top Ten, with a couple of notable exceptions, trade in old music, sounds and tastes from decades ago.

If anyone has a desire to hear new R&B, I’ve partnered with Chester’s Internet radio station, BestCoreRadio, to air a 1-hour program once a week that features ‘Beautiful Black Music.’ I originally titled it ‘Beautiful NEW Black Music’ but recently dropped the ‘NEW’ because there are a lot of old songs that are great that never got radio play which would sound new to a new listener.

BestCoreMusic V2 is an app you download to your mobile device (Apple or Android). They play music 24×7 with a smattering of programs throughout the week. I come on Friday’s 9-10pm.

Understanding that not everyone can tune in at that time, I’ve created an iTunes podcast that will feature each of the shows I’ve done for BestCoreRadio for you to listen to at your leisure. A new show will be added each week and will run about 10 weeks after they play on BestCoreRadio.

Head on over to iTunes to listen to Beautiful Black Music if you’re like me and want to hear some of the new R&B that will never be heard on the radio.

Oldies on 105.3 or 100.3 are cool but there’s so much good new stuff that gets squeezed out of radio for older songs because only us old folks listen to radio. If any of you old folks can navigate your way to a podcast or the BestCoreRadio app, you may find an outlet to enjoy new Beautiful Black Music .

Here’s the first episode for any of you to listen here.
Beautiful Black Music Vol 1