I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on in Chester regarding all that stuff mentioned in the headline. My suggestion to people trying to follow the drama is to stay tuned – it should all end one way or another.

Quotes in news paper articles don’t quite match rumors in the streets which don’t match previous news paper articles.

For example, a few weeks ago we heard that the city and police were close to coming up with a contract that everyone would be happy with. Today, we learn that…

…recent contract proposal drafted in accordance with the FOP and city council was turned down by the state…

…because the state Department of Community and Economic Development, which has oversight and final say on the Chester’s finances, “kicked it back to us with no comments.”

“A ton of (tentative contracts) were kicked back for one reason or (another), typically if something isn’t completely in line with the recovery plan,” Nolan said. “With shift schedules, I can’t just impose a shift schedule … We’re hung up on money and manpower allotments.”

That darn recovery plan seems to pop up everywhere we look.

Then there’s the issue with city benefits. The paper says…

Recently the city dropped Blue Cross-Blue Shield and replaced it with coverage by Meritain Aetna.

…but the rumors on the street is that Blue Cross-Blue Shield dropped the City of Chester.

Back in my college days, the school newspaper had a section called, “Who Knows, Who Cares?” I certainly feel like I’m back in those old days again.

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