Recently, someone asked me what were the top read post on this blog. I had no idea. So, I poked around Word Press to learn that they keep stats on everything.

I discovered that in 2016 there were 96,000 unique visitors who viewed 170,000 posts, and submitted 590 comments and 80 likes.

From those numbers, I guess I could conclude that folks who visit might view two posts when they arrive, hardly ever have anything to comment on, and barely like what they read.

In looking at the Top 10 viewed posts from 2016, it’s pretty obvious what turns my readers on. If getting views were the focus of this blog, it would become a very dark place to visit.

  1. Regal Brandywine Theater (DE) aborts ‘Birth of a Nation’ (8969)
  2. 52 Shots kill driver after chase  (6237)
  3. Chester has the highest homicide rate in the nation (4668)
  4. Robert ‘ Bob’ Crawford (3355)
  5. ‘Big Pimping’ at Chester’s Days Inn (2992)
  6. Harrah’s gambler shot for going the wrong way  (2544)
  7. VIDEO: Chester’s newest school will blow your mind (2442)
  8. Brandywine Regal had enough of ‘Birth of a Nation’ (2264)
  9. Chester’s Breakfast Beauties (2220)
  10. Chester Mother’s Day Parade 2016  (1999)

The final most interesting stat is that 93,000 of the 96,000 visitors got to the blog from a Facebook link. Hardly anyone visits directly and the blog only has 190 followers.

You can hate on Facebook all you want, but it’s the engine that drives a lot of social media.