This was not a good week for names associated with black folks.

It first showed up at the Golden Globes where folks repeatedly said ‘Hidden Fences’ instead of ‘Hidden Figures.’ One guy could be excused because he was probably reading from the teleprompter since ‘Hidden Fences’ was also on display at the bottom of my TV screen.

I read newspaper coverage of President Obama’s farewell speech since I missed it on TV. I was disappointed the Philadelphia Daily News and the Delaware Daily Times took the lazy way out and just reprinted an Associated Press version…but wait.

I had read the Delaware County Daily Times version first and it seemed okay. Later, I read the Philadelphia Daily News’ Associated Press version and it made me stop in my tracks.

Below is a photo of what’s in the Philadelphia Daily News…


“He and wife Malia…” Are you kidding me? They’ve had eight years to learn that lady’s name and they still can’t get it right?

To let you know I’m not making this up, here’s a larger photo of the page.


What else can they get wrong this week?

Did you hear that the only player who made the All-Star Team from the Philadelphia Flyers is the black guy, Wayne Simmonds?

I recall trying to buy a Simmonds jersey a couple years ago. Modells and Sport Authority didn’t carry them but I could find all the Giroux, and Mason’s jerseys everywhere I went. I learned that the Wells Fargo Center did sell Simmonds’ jerseys but the guy said he couldn’t keep them in stock because the ladies love Simmonds and buy up his jerseys. Imagine that!

If he’s not careful, the Flyers may make a mistake and send Giroux to the All-Star Game. Wayne Simmonds better check to see what name is on his plane ticket.