I spotted the dapper gentleman in a suit and tie from way across the gym and recognized it was Dr. Juan Baughn. I thought he might be back just to catch one of the marquee DelVal boys basketball match ups between Chester and Penn Wood, and maybe reminisce on his days as the boys head basketball coach. But no. As one of the most recognized figures in Chester High School history, Dr. Baughn has his chance to try to put the pieces back together again as interim superintendent of the school district.

Dr. Baughn wouldn’t know me from a sweat sock, but I did disturb his breakfast at Meghan’s Diner not long ago just to say hello.

Besides having one of the coolest names ever, he was the Chester coach during those great years with players like Randy Leggette, Herman Harris, and the Mann brothers. Us kids knew Dr. Baughn lived on 7th and Lamokin where outside of his back door were the Dorian Court basketball courts. When we saw his car in the driveway, we’d played extra hard like we were trying out for the high school team assuming he was looking out the kitchen window scouting new talent.

With so much of the new school district staff being recruited from out of town, it’s very welcoming to see a home grown profession get a shot at running the district. We have a lot of respect for Dr. Baughn and will support his every effort.

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