(CHESTER, PA) – The City of Chester’s Police Department has promoted five police officers to detective.

The police officers will fill vacancies within the Detective Unit that arose as a result of several end of the year retirements. “I, along with Chester City Council and police leadership have been strategically looking at feasible ways to reassign and redeploy manpower within the department to fill needs,” said Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland.  “At the end of the year, there is a promotional list that we review. That list is comprised of eligible candidates, who are assessed based on credentials and specific departmental needs. The need was there and we are proud to have persons who are fit and credentialed to step in to ensure that our community is serviced and protected.”

Recently, the City of Chester passed the 2017 budget that included monies allocated for a full company deployment of 106 police officers. “We have been positioning and repositioning our staff and are ready to welcome new patrolmen into the department,” said Acting Police Commissioner Otis Blair.  “There are eight cadets who are set to graduate from the Philadelphia Police Academy in a few weeks who will fill patrolmen vacancies.  If gaps arise, the public can be assured that we are always working to fill them with qualified candidates.”

All five newly-promoted detectives previously held positions within the department’s patrol division.  A complete list of the current Detective Unit, including three tenured officers is listed below:

Newly-promoted Detectives: 

·          Captain of Detectives James Chubb  (27 years of service and the senior member of the department – formerly a Captain in the patrol division)

·         Detective Jamison Rogers (6 years of service –  formerly a Corporal in the patrol division)

·         Detective Rhaheem Blandon (7 years of service – formerly a Corporal in the patrol division)

·         Detective Steven Byrne (10 years of service -formerly a Corporal in Patrol division)

·         Detective Brian Pott (6 years of service – formerly a Corporal in the patrol division)

Returning Detectives:

·         Detective Anthony Polites (18 years of service)

·         Detective Joseph McFate ( 17 years of service)

·         Detective Victor Heness (16 years of service)

Pictured from left to right:

Det. Jamison Rogers, Det. Joseph McFate, Det. Rhaheem Blandon, Maj. Steven Gretsky, Police Comm. Otis Blair, Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland, Chief James Nolan, Captain of Det. James Chubb.

Det. Victor Heness, Det. Steven Byrne, Det. Brian Pott (not pictured) Det. Anthony Polites