I’m probably the only driver confused in Upland, PA when I’m stopped at a red light ready to make a right turn. There isn’t a ‘No Turn on Red’ sign present, but there is a ‘Wait for Green’ sign.

What the Hell?

Since I don’t see a ‘No Turn on Red’ sign when I ‘m on Upland Ave., about to turn on Kerlin St., my hunch is to turn right. But when I look up and see that ‘Wait for Green’ sign, I stay put because I see too many cars getting pulled over by Upland cops right up the street from where I’d make the turn onto Kerlin Street. I never stop to ask why they’re pulled over, but I’m sure it has something to do with those traffic lights.

People like to accuse me -and rightly so- of not doing research, but I’ve done my homework on this one.

Here’s what I found:

  • ‘Wait for Green’ does not mean you can’t turn on red. Only a ‘No Turn on Red’ sign prohibits turning on red.
  • ‘Wait for Green’ is a warning that the traffic that’s stopped at the light on the opposite side of the street facing you will have a green light before you do. The ‘Wait for Green’ sign is suppose to keep you from thinking your light just forgot to change when their’s did, since most lights change together on opposite sides of the street.
  • ‘Wait for Green’ signs are no longer used and have stopped being installed since 1999. I guess the Upland folks haven’t gotten around to taking their sign down yet. As we’ve seen in recent news stories, they’ve got bigger issues to deal with in that town.

So, go ahead and make that right turn on red. But, please let the folks who are coming from the other direction turning onto Kerlin have the right of way. They do have a green light where yours is red.

Hope this helps somebody!

I think I might research the ‘No Stopping or Standing’ sign next.

There’s not a ‘No Turn on Red’ sign on this corner, but the ‘Wait for Green’ sign is up there with the traffic light.
This is the legal way to display a Wait For Green sign if you don’t want folks to turn on red