You have to be an evil person to not feel the joy of the Trainer police officer showing his appreciation for the child who raised money for his medical costs. The 5 year old boy took a liking to his neighborhood police officer and the officer returned his appreciation by gathering all his police buddies and making the child an officer for the day.

How cool is that!

I know it’s just me, but I wish they hadn’t included two toys guns as part of the police uniform for the boy. There have been so many mistakes with kids and toy guns that cities and states across America are banning sales of toy guns. I think there’s talk that toy stores may be forbidden from selling toy guns, if it hasn’t happened already.

I admit to enjoying my toy guns as a child, as well as my Zorro sword, Batman belt, bow and arrow, boomerang, and legions of Army men – green, yellow, and red – tanks and all.

Times have changed. A kid with a toy gun has proven to scare others to the point that people call the police and then the police get scared and react; sometimes tragically.

The beautiful Avery Graham, Steve Adamek story is almost a fairytale made for an After School Special. Yet, too often, situations with kids and toy guns end up as horror stories made for the front page.

But, I know it’s just me.

Carry on.

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