UPS is gonna stop coming to Chester. Yesterday, a driver got shot. Wasn’t it about 2 years ago a driver was tied up while his truck was robbed.

Thankfully, in both cases, neither driver was greatly harmed.

This story is so troubling for so many reasons. I don’t know the driver’s name that delivers to my address, but we share a friendly hello every time he drops off a package and even when I see him driving around the city. He knows my car and I know his truck.

The UPS delivery job is hard enough without having to worry about being robbed, but to the criminal element, a delivery truck has to be an easy target.

If teachers can start carrying guns in school, it won’t be long before the UPS drivers will have a gun on his belt next to the little computer thing they make you sign.

Delivery trucks may become the new armored vehicle.

Read report on UPS shooting.